1. Redshift account
  2. S3 bucket

Setting up S3 bucket

We’ll need an S3 bucket so that Artie Transfer can load micro-batches of TSVs such that we are able to invoke the remote COPY command for Redshift.

After the MERGE, we will no longer need the files on S3, so it’s generally recommended to set up a Lifecycle rule in S3 to have these files be automatically purged.

Here’s an example of what the bucket and lifecycle configuration can look like in Terraform.

resource "aws_s3_bucket" "transfer_s3_redshift_bucket" {
  bucket = "artie-redshift-logs"  # Set your desired bucket name

resource "aws_s3_bucket_lifecycle_configuration" "my_bucket_lifecycle" {
  rule {
    id     = "DeleteOldObjects"
    status = "Enabled"

    expiration {
      # Set however long you'd like it to be.
      days = 1 

  bucket =