Once you have a running deployment, you will be able to see metrics in the Analytics Portal.

Available filters

For each of these metrics, you also have the ability to set a filter:

  1. Deployment (All or specific deployment)
  2. Specific tables (This is available if you specify the deployment)
  3. Whether to include or exclude backfills
  4. Mode (Replication or history)


The following metrics are available in the Analytics Portal:

  1. Rows synced over time
  2. Type of operation (create, update, delete, backfill)
  3. Table distribution
  4. Ingestion lag based on time
  5. Ingestion lag based on number of rows
  6. For Postgres, we’ll also graph your replication slot size
  7. For Snowflake, we’ll monitor your virtual warehouse’s queued and execution time

Example of what Analytics Portal looks like