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Welcome to ARG! We're a 20-year-old, medium sized animation studio based in lovely Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. The four videos above show some of the variety of styles of animation we provide. We really enjoy making animation for our 600+ clients worldwide, and we'd love to create one for you, too. Contact us today, and let's get going!

Email ARG! Cartoon Animation LLC
E-mail ARG!
ARG! Cartoon Animation, LLC
Tim Romero, CEO/owner
75 Commerce Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80907 USA
Phone (720) 989-1251

This website is copyright © 2015 ARG! Cartoon Animation LLC. It was updated on 2/13/2015, but you can still see the previous version and the one before that (the latter requires Flash). We've been redesigning the site lately, so here's a site map to help you find things. Thanks for stopping by! :)