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Welcome to ARG! We're a cartoon animation studio that was established in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1994. Some of our specialties include traditional style (2D) animated cartoons, whiteboard animation and 3D (CG) animation. In 2015 we produced more than 140 minutes of ultra high definition animations, also known as UHD or 4K, and we've been even busier in 2016. We serve 600+ clients, and we'd be happy to animate something especially for you. Call or email us, and let's get started! was registered on July 15, 1996, and the high point in its history was 2005-2006, when the site complex racked up more than 1.2 BILLION hits. We are currently working on rebuilding it behind the scenes to become the home of Artie Stick, as seen at the start of the video above.
Animation Day at Cannes Film Festival this year included a screening of Adventures of Turtle Taido! It was the only animation from Africa at Cannes. Congratulations to creator Muyiwa Kayode and the artists, actors, musicians and technicians behind this breakthrough cartoon series. Thanks to the talented ARG! animators for all their terrific work on Nigeria's first TV cartoon, now in its second season, and enjoying distribution to 53 African countries.


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