Even more ARG! GIFs

The saggy dog (gif)

Blank bouncing card or sign - 4K
Bouncing get well card - 6K
Bouncing happy birthday card - 6K
Bouncing Happy Presidents Day card - 6K
Bouncing I Love You card - 5K
Bouncing Thank You card - 6K
Dancing word "Angel" (gold) - 26K
Dancing word "Angel" (violet, small version) - 23K
Dancing Angel (violet) - 26K
Dancing Angel (violet, extra-small version) - 13K
Dancing angel (white) - 26K
Dancing Happy Holidays (small green) - 53K
Dancing Happy Holidays (small red) - 59K
Dancing Happy Holidays (extra-small red) - 29K
Dancing Happy New Year (small) - 50K
Dancing Happy St. Patrick's Day (small) - 52K
Dancing Happy St. Patty's - 56K
Dancing Happy St. Patty's (small) - 25K
Dancing "NEW!" (blue) - 18K
Dancing "NEW" (magenta) - 17K
Dancing "NEW" (orange) - 17K
Dancing "NEW" (purple) - 16K
Dancing "NEW" (small red) - 12K
Dancing "NEW" (red) - 17K
Parrot (33% size) - 17K
Parrot (40% size) - 23K
Parrot (48% size) - 28K
Golden parrot (30% size, flipped) - 16K
Golden parrot (60% size) - 40K
Parrot (small) - 19K
Mouse click (button) - 3K
Exploding head guy - 6K
Old lady with glasses - 13K
Saggy dog sits - 17K
Guy looking at map - 41K
Lovely breakfast coffee - 44K
The Devil - Hoping to see you soon - 44K
Dr. Kavorkian in surgery - 16K
Funk Soul Rubber - 14K
Gas station guy drinkin' - 36K
Rocker and Bull Moose - 24K
Turkey on the chopping block - 21K
Football in flight - 4K
No Goo (is good news) - 3K
Blue Woman, Eyes Looking Around - 18K
Realistic swimming fish - 8K
Rubber band man tumbles - 10K
Katrina Kangaroo - 4K
Funny Monster Take - 32K
Funny dragon walk - 27K
Frog pear morph - 7K
Cartoon wallpaper! (Web page backgrounds)
Cowboy painting a fence - 12K
Hercules and the dinosaur - 48K
Horizontal rules (Arrows)
Anvil drop - 20K
Dollar bill acceptor - 4K
Doorknob man - 3K
Robot on tracks - 7K
Animated word "PARTY" - 2K
Animated word "FUN" - 2K
The autograph (baseball) - 32K
Eraser hand (yellow) - 13K
Whoa! 2000 - 20K
Lady eating chips, watching TV - 15K
Rockin' watermellon - 4K
Bettie Page winks - 31K
Collie - 5K
Bouncing Baby - 5K
Mellon Collie Baby - 15K
Olive Bird - 11K
Flower & lawnmower (plus just flowers) - 22K
Dead bunny with bugs - 8K
Dancing cartoon WORDS
Phoenix bird - 36K
Balloon bouquets - 6K to 10K
Sparkly things - 1K to 5K
Swirly things - 2K to 3K
Kneesey earsey nosey - 27K
Kneesey earsey nosey (medium size) - 21K
Volkswagen graphic (lg B&W) - 31K
Monkey pile - 66K
Uncle John cracks a smile - 9K

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