What is it?

AnimaFlex animations are special Web animations created by RubberFlex Software's RubberWeb or RubberWeb Composer software. These animations can be embedded into Web pages for smooth, high speed playback (Macintosh and Windows supported). AnimaFlex files are incredibly small. For example, a 60 second full color photorealistic animation of a warping and morphing face can play at 20-30 frames per second with a file size of less than 30k!

The AnimaFlex player will stream AnimaFlex animations to begin playing before the entire animation has downloaded. Multiple animations can be embedded on a single Web page with smooth playback.

Our software can also create animated GIF's!

How do I Install the AnimaFlex Plug-in?

Before proceeding, bookmark this page so that you can install the plug-in and come back to this page.

Copy Mac Plug-in

This will create a folder called RubberScape Plug-in. Inside this folder you will find a file called RubberScapetm. Copy this file to your Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer Plug-ins folder. You will find the Plug-ins folder inside the folder that contains your Netscape or MIE application. You must restart Netscape or MIE before you can use the plug-in. Reopen this page and read below to view some amazing sample animations.

Copy Windows 95/NT Plug-in Installer

This will save the Flex.exe file to your hard disk. To install, run the Flex.exe program. The installer will find your Netscape or Internet Explorer plugins folder, or you may choose a different folder. Netscape users must quit and restart. Internet Explorer 3.0 does not need to be restarted. Reopen this page and read below to view some amazing sample animations.

I installed the plug-in. How do I see some animations?

There are many sample animations on the ClickMedia site.

Click above to take a Tour of Animations Created with RubberWeb.

Click above to take a Tour of Animations Created with RubberWeb Composer.

Click below to see a few individual animations.

Create Animated GIF's Too!

Our software RubberWeb and RubberWeb Composer create web animations in two forms: GIF and AnimaFlex. GIF animations can be viewed right away by anybody with Netscape Navigator 2.0 or higher (and other popular web browsers). AnimaFlex requires plug-in installation, but allows for much bigger, smoother animations. You can use GIF on your primary set of pages and offer alternative AnimaFlex pages for those who want to experience high performance animation on the Web. The animations on this page are all animated GIF's created with our sofware. For more information, visit our web site.

commandr.gif 22 K
eye.gif 23 K
eyeh.gif 19 K
eyesmall.gif 10 K
ship.gif 15 K

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