Innocent Transformation Example 1: The Baby

Baby Sleep's first move was to open his eyes, transforming him to baby yawn ... 
But baby yawn wasn't content,  
his big blue eyes urged me on...
"Rotate me 45 degrees", he said. 
"I wanna play!"  

I met Baby Boo. 

Baby Boo was lonely, 
so I made him a mouse-over 
hoping to make him happy. 
(Next, I made him a friend.)
Meanwhile: Transformation occurred and re-occurred: 
A Boy? Or a Girl? 
Baby was adopted  
by webmasters and lives happily 
on many homepages. 

As for me, I try to move on,  
But, I've become addicted to IT. And, Those big eyes   
take control on certain Holidays... 
  (to be continued)
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