ARG! Christmas wallpaper

Animated backgrounds

Snowman razz - 3K
Rotating holly - 5K
Rotating holly wider spacing - 5K
Santa Claus winks big - 3K
Santa Claus winking small - 3K
Rosco in nightshirt with candle - 5K
Globe says "Peace on Earth"
      (close spacing) - 10K
Globe, "Peace on Earth" wider spacing - 10K
Flying Christmas doves
      Says "Peace on Earth" - 5K
Smaller Christmas doves - 5K
Christmas wreath large - 5K
Christmas wreath small - 4k
dizzy candy stripes - 1K
Snow falling big on blue background - 42K
Snow falling on black background - 8K
Snow falling on light blue - 8K
Snow falling small on blue - 8K

Still backgrounds, no animation

Snowman - 2K
Baby Jesus - 2K
Christmas tree - 2K
Holly - 1K
Seasons greetings dove wallpaper - 2K
Seasons greetings dove wide spacing - 2K
Ho ho ho Holly (Christmas) wallpaper - 2K
Santa jumping wallpaper - bold 2K
Santa "Burning Bottom" wallpaper 2K
Santa jumping wallpaper 3 2K
Turkey slap wallpaper 2K
Rosco in nightshirt with candle - 3K
Santa Claus face - 3K

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