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Animated GIFs

Army Ant on a Tank - 26K Send Ecard
Cartoon of art driving an army tankArmy Ant on a Tank, says "Happy Veterans Day!" - 29K
Red, White and Blue Drum Says "Best Veterans Day Wishes!" - 6K
Patriotic Drum Cartoon No lettering - 5K
A Veterans Day Masterpiece Artist unveils an American flag - 24K
American Flag Painting Same as above, but fades to black - 34K
"A Veterans Day Masterpiece", African-American artist - 20K
Artist Unveiling Painting of a U.S. Flag African-American, no title - 19K Send Ecard
Cartoon Eagle Holding an American Flag, Saluting - 12K Send Ecard
"Happy Veterans Day!" on the same animation as above - 13K
Drummer Boy, "Happy Veterans Day!" - 11K
Worm on a Flower waving American Flag - 9K
Boy in Uniform Playing Drum - 9K
Red, White and Blue Flower Opens - 13K
"Remember the Heroes" Veterans Day flower animation - 11K
Teddy bear salutesA Veterans Day Salute Uniformed teddy bear animation by Jee Hoon Lee - 27K Send Ecard
Wishing You a Happy Veterans Day! Patriotic worm waving flag - 13K

Still Cartoons

Happy Veteran's DayHappy Veterans Day Little drummer boy cartoon illustration - 11K
Cartoon of Army Ant on a Tank Still cartoon by Rebekah Failla - 7K
Happy Veterans Day Army ant riding a tank - 12K
Veterans Day Flower - 7K
Wishing you a happy Veterans Day Worm on a flower, holding a U.S. flag - 12K
U.S. Flag Flag graphic GIF - 6K

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