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Squork and Ortney

ARG! Cartoon Animation Studio offers outstanding 3D animation services, including modeling, rigging, texturing, animation, lighting, camera, rendering. The studio is staffed with professional cartoonists and animators who are fully trained and experienced in Autodesk Maya and other 3D applications. Find out how we can make your characters come to life on the screen.

  The 60 second commercial above was animated by ARG! utilizing Maya software.

Mike Yoo working on a cartoon in Autodesk MayaSquork & Ortney is the pilot for a cartoon series in production at ARG! Cartoon Animation.  In the photo at right, Mike Yoo is seen working on the character Stemcell for the series. He's using one of ARG's dual monitor PCs with Autodesk Maya software. The main characters in the series, Squork and Ortney, were created by ARG! founder Artie Romero in 1983.

Artie received his first 3D animation screen credit for his work on the Cyberspace Finale of the 1995 Sony Pictures feature Johnny Mnemonic starring Keanu Reeves. Read about Artie's work on this movie. ARG!'s focus is on traditional 2D cartoon animation, Flash cartoons and so forth, but the ARG! studio is also uniquely qualified to produce outstanding 3D cartoons and technical animations.
Tim Romero, current ARG! CEO (taken when he was an intern)
Photo at left: Timothy Romero working at ARG! in 2007, when he was an intern. Tim has a 2012 engineering degree in Game Design and Development from the University of Colorado, and is now the CEO and owner of the studio. He is proficient at modeling characters and environments in Blender and Cinema 4D software, and has produced an animated sequence for Harper Collins, one of the world's largest publishers. In 2009 he also worked on animation for the Spongebob Squarepants Tickler app for Nickelodeon.

Read more about our animation services and our studio facility, or contact us for more information about the studio's services, and we'll be happy to give you a price quote for your next project.

PBS scientific animation by ARG!
Maya animation by ARG!

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