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Artie Romero, November 2015ARG! Cartoon Animation Studio was founded by Artie Romero in 1994. Artie has been involved in comics and animation since the 1970s, and has screen credits on four movies, five TV series and one PBS special. Before entering the animation industry as an animator, producer and director, Artie was a comic book artist, publisher, and an illustrator of books and magazines.

The first child of Wilma and Artie Thomas, he was born in 1951 in Springfield, Missouri, and named Artie Edward Thomas, Jr. His parents' tumultuous marriage produced three more sons before ending in divorce in 1962. Wilma then married Jose Santiago Romero, and Jose adopted the four boys, changing their names to Romero.

Artie showed artistic talent as a child, and during his high school years he decided to pursue a career as an artist. Artie's work was published in his school's literary magazine, and he became fascinated with the technical aspects of printing and publishing. In 1968 he joined the staff of Carl Gafford's New Milford, Connecticut based fanzine Minotaur as co-editor. At his high school in Colorado Springs, Artie recruited other student artists and writers to create their own small magazine, and in January, 1969, the first issue of Platinum Toad appeared. Printed on the school's duplicator, it included poems by co-editor Tom Haber, a cover and other artwork by Artie, comics by George Laws and Robert Crumb (an unauthorized reprint of "Keep On Truckin'"), a short story by Martha Ann Kennedy, and assorted artwork by Darrel Anderson and George Laws.

While studying art at Missouri State University, Artie edited and published Realm, an acclaimed comics and science fiction fanzine, and more issues of Platinum Toad. In January, 1973 he returned to Colorado Springs to found Everyman Studios, an artists' collective that successfully published alternative newspapers and underground comix. Starting in 1981, Artie transitioned the studio into the production of commercial animation, including movie titles and effects, music videos, television commercials, video games and software. The studio's name was changed to ARG! Cartoon Animation in 1994.

After starting the ARG! website on his AOL web space in 1995, was launched in July, 1996, and quickly became one of the most popular animation sites on the Web, getting up to 600 million hits a year. The ARG! studio has created more than 40,000 original digital animations for its 600+ clients.

In 2011 Artie's son Tim Romero founded ARG! Cartoon Animation LLC, purchased the studio and became CEO. Tim is a Los Angeles based artist and programmer with a Game Design and Development degree from the University of Colorado. Artie remains on staff as a producer.

"Good animation is not produced by machines or software. It is created by people who have studied life drawing for years, and understand how things look and how they move."
              -- Artie Romero
The Artie Show | Interview | Artie Romero on IMDb | On Wikipedia | Romero Portfolio

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