Whiteboard Animations

ARG! whiteboard animations are hand drawn by our staff of skilled cartoonists and illustrators. We provide a variety of upgrades, such as screenwriting, traditional animation, rotoscope animation, coloring, camera moves, music and more. We have six years experience producing these engaging videos. Contact us today for a competitive quote.

How Cartoons Are Made (ARG! demo)
Artist: Matt Rebel. Animators: Colin Commerford, Matt Rebel
Red Bull Retirement Income Plan
Whiteboard art: Matt Rebel. Animation: Brittney Owens, Woody Martin, Frauke Wright
Madison Reed "A Gray Hair?"
Storyboard: Matt Rebel. Final art: Gretchen Piper
Colorado Resource Group whiteboard
Storyboard: Don Mangan. Final art: Matt Rebel, Artie Romero
Madison Reed product intro
Storyboard: Kemi Oyebade. Final art: Alessandra Mann
SwingLine whiteboard animation
Producer: Artie Romero. Artist: Matt Rebel
What Is High Pressure Processing?
Storyboard: Woody Martin. Artists: Matt Rebel, Artie Romero
Who is Hiperbaric?
Storyboard: Woodrow Martin. Final art: Matthew Rebel, Artie Romero
Widefield Colorado District 3
Producer: Artie Romero. Artists: Matt Rebel, Kemi Oyebade
Hands Only CPR
Artwork: Matt Rebel, Ayla Radies. Lyrics: Maya Miko. Vocals: Megan Pitman, Jason Lewis
Medved Chevrolet TV commercial
Producer: Artie Romero. Artist: Matt Rebel
Sleep Studio fall 2012
Artist: Matt Rebel. Animation: Woody Martin, Brittney Owens, Artie Romero
MV1 whiteboard
Producer: Woodrow Martin. Artist: Matt Rebel
GRMS Whiteboard
Producer: Artie Romero. Artist: Matt Rebel
Patient Approved
Producer: Joe Fier. Artist: Matt Rebel
MIT Thermography Whiteboard
Storyboard: Woody Martin. Art & animation: Anne Hecker, Frauke Wright
Harmless Harvest
Artists: Woody Martin, Artie Romero
ARG! 2011 Whiteboard Demo
Artists: Woody Martin, Artie Romero

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