Whiteboard Animations

Email usARG! whiteboard animations are hand drawn by our staff of skilled cartoonists and illustrators. We have more than six years experience producing these engaging animated videos. We start with your script, or our writers can help you tell your story effectively. Then we create a storyboard consisting of finished illustrations or cartoons. After the boards and animatic are approved, an artist redraws each panel of the approved storyboard, line for line, in front of our 4K stop motion camera. We provide a variety of upgrades, such as traditional animation, rotoscope animation, coloring, camera moves, audio sweetening, music and much more. Our most recent example is a 4K animation for a new product, CopperFresh®, seen at right. Contact us today for a competitive price quote!

CopperFresh® 4K whiteboard
Artist: Matt Rebel. Animator: Gretchen Piper

How Cartoons Are Made
Director: Matt Rebel. Writer: Scott Jessop. Narrator: Ron Hayden

Red Bull Retirement Income Plan
Artist: Matt Rebel. Animators: Brittney Owens, Woody Martin, Frauke Wright
Madison Reed "A Gray Hair?"
Storyboard: Matt Rebel. Final art: Gretchen Piper
Colorado Resource Group
Storyboard: Don Mangan. Artists: Matt Rebel, Artie Romero
Madison Reed product intro
Storyboard: Kemi Oyebade. Final art: Alessandra Mann
Hands Only CPR
Director: Artie Romero. Music producer: Sarah Tobin
What Is High Pressure Processing?
Storyboard: Woody Martin. Artists: Matt Rebel, Artie Romero
Who is Hiperbaric?
Storyboard: Woodrow Martin. Final art: Matthew Rebel, Artie Romero
Widefield Colorado District 3
Producer: Artie Romero. Artists: Matt Rebel, Kemi Oyebade
Lear's Nonsense
Producer & director: Artie Romero
Medved Chevrolet TV commercial
Producer: Artie Romero. Artist: Matt Rebel
Sleep Studio fall 2012
Artist: Matt Rebel. Animation: Woody Martin, Brittney Owens, Artie Romero
MV1 whiteboard
Producer: Woodrow Martin. Artist: Matt Rebel
GRMS Whiteboard
Producer: Artie Romero. Artist: Matt Rebel
Patient Approved
Producer: Joe Fier. Artist: Matt Rebel
MIT Thermography Whiteboard
Storyboard: Woody Martin. Art & animation: Anne Hecker, Frauke Wright
Harmless Harvest
Artists: Woody Martin, Artie Romero
ARG! 2011 Whiteboard Demo
Artists: Woody Martin, Artie Romero

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