Hittin' the Road: Salt of the Earth


This scientific animation sequence for the PBS series "Hittin' the Road" was modeled, textured and animated by Travis McCoy, Autodesk Maya specialist at ARG! Cartoon Animation LLC in Colorado Springs. It shows how Earth's processes brought large quantities of salt together, how early man found it by observing animals, and how it was used for mummification.

CEO: Tim Romero
Producer: Artie Romero
Script: David and Donna Vessey
Models, textures and animation: Travis McCoy
Music: "Galactic Damages" by Jungle Punks
Licensed for YouTube
This music was not used in the PBS program.

Hittin' the Road: Salt of the Earth
First broadcast May 8, 2016

What's on your table that was once so valuable that Roman soldiers were paid with it? It was traded one for one with gold and you cannot live without it. This is a rock solid episode.

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