"How Cartoons Are Made" (2014)


In this animated short, we'll see how animated cartoons are really made, and it's not a pretty picture! While taking a playful look at the process of creating an animation from script to screen, we're introduced to an artistic, marker-sniffing baby who becomes a paint-huffing young artist, then an overworked animator. Producer Artie Romero appears as himself, bringing in a typewriter-pounding screenwriter, pitching successive storyboards to a pair of unimpressed businessmen. This animated short's voice actors include Chris Hardy and Ron Hayden, the latter also plays himself.

Okay, this is really just a demonstration of our advanced whiteboard animation skills. Companies, schools and nonprofits who need to communicate complex concepts in an engaging way come to ARG! for animated whiteboard videos. Winner, Gold Award for Animation, International Independent Film Awards 2017.

Timothy S. Romero

Artie Romero

Matthew Rebel

Scott Jessop

Colin Commerford
Matthew Rebel

Ron Hayden

Character Voices
Chris Hardy
Artie Romero
Ron Hayden

Kevin MacLeod
"Monkeys Spinning Monkeys"
Creative Commons 3.0 License

Sound Effects
Creative Commons 0 (Public Domain) License
"Comedy Trumpet Playing Sad Song Wah Wah Wah"
Creative Commons 0 (Public Domain) License

Copyright 2014 ARG! Cartoon Animation LLC

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