Flash and other 2D Animation

ARG! Flash animations are hand drawn by our skilled cartoonists, animators and illustrators. We provide a variety of services, such as screenwriting, storyboards, animatics, character design, combinations of characters with painted backgrounds, 3D backgrounds or live video, rotoscope (tracing people or animals frame by frame from live film), interactive elements, cartoon voices, sound effects, game development and much more.

We've worked with Flash, now known as Adobe Animate cc, since before Adobe bought the program. In the 1990s we animated using the Flash predecessor Shockwave and Macromedia Director. We love our Wacom Cintiqs™, which enable us to draw directly on our screens. Our studio was founded in 1994, and our skills in utilizing these technologies have steadily improved over time. All of our works are created in the USA.

We work in 4K resolution, also known as Ultra High Definition or UHD, suitable for theatrical exhibition. We scale the files down to 1080p HD, 720p or whatever clients require, at no extra charge. We can add soft shadows, elaborate textures, lighting effects and other high quality elements to the characters if you need something that really stands out.

For low budget animations we employ labor saving plug-ins such as automated lip sync, character packs, stock footage, stock props & backgrounds and built-in effects.

The videos shown here represent a fraction of our studio's Flash animation experience, and a glimpse at our catalog of 2D styles. Contact us for a quote today.

Dragging Ass
Director: Aron Laikin. Key animator: Don Mangan
Prince Joe
Customizable TV commercial for engagement rings
4K Sabrett Hot Dogs
Animator: Henry Andrews-Jones
4K Turtle Taido trailer
Producer: Artie Romero. Director: Don Mangan
4K Water Safety in Italian
Animator: Henry Andrews-Jones
The Boxer 2: The Beach House
Motion graphics + HD stock footage

Cell Phone Talkin' Zombies
Web cartoon for Taffytown Productions
Animators: Don Mangan, Henry Andrews-Jones
Water Works "CALENDAR"
15 sec. TV ad. Producer: Artie Romero
Sirloin for Santa
Web cartoon. Director: Artie Romero
4K clip from Turtle Taido
Artist & animator: Artie Romero

Legacy Pension Managers
Two 15-sec TV ads. Director: Matt Rebel
Mile Hi Distilling web cartoon
Director & key animator: Matt Rebel

The Giving Circle
Explainer video. Director: Matt Rebel

ID Mind vs. The Oracle
Corporate video. Director: Artie Romero

Director: Matt Rebel. Animation: Artie Romero

Stumpf Family Goes to the Beach
ARG! nostalgic TV cartoon, Popeye™ tribute

Goldzinger (2007)
Animator: Don Mangan

EECS the Rat (2007)
Director: Michael Spencer

S.H.O.U.T. PSA (1998)
Anti-smoking PSA. Director: Don Mangan

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