Hittin' the Road: Field of Gleams


This scientific animation sequence was created for the "Field of Gleams" episode of the syndicated PBS series "Hittin' the Road," and was animated by Travis McCoy, Maya specialist at ARG! It reveals the geologic processes that created diamonds deep inside the Earth and then brought them to the surface.


CEO: Tim Romero
Producer: Artie Romero
Script: David and Donna Vessey
Models and animation: Travis McCoy
Music: "Dark Star" Kevin MacLeod, incompetech.com - Creative Commons 3.0 license

Hittin' the Road: Field of Gleams
First broadcast April 10, 2016

Looking for buried treasure conjures up ideas of sifting through rocks and rubble, but what if the rocks themselves were the treasure? This week we're headed to Crater of Diamonds state park for one gem of an episode.

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