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This is NOT Bart Simpson.


Congratulations to ARG! director Matt Rebel for winning a Gold Award from International Independent Film Awards for How Cartoons Are Made. Also, our studio's new animated short Lear's Nonsense starring Ron Hayden was just named a Semi-Finalist by Los Angeles CineFest.

Our studio is buzzing with activity. Right now we're working on up to 14 films simultaneously, including TV cartoon episodes, Maya animations for software products, TV commercials for New York ad agencies, 4K Web videos for businesses and engaging whiteboard animations. We stay busy with pre-production work and animation for movies, TV shows, commercials, music videos, Web, software and more, serving over 700 clients worldwide.

ARG! is currently producing seven cartoon shorts for Chocolate Mountaineers of America, a nonprofit that helps kids learn morals and values. Development is also underway on a wonderful project that goes far beyond the initial shorts. We are pleased to be involved in the good works that the Chocolate Mountaineers have undertaken.

The studio has a contract for a half-hour TV special, an episode of the syndicated independent film showcase Sprockets & Splices. It will be hosted by ARG! founder Artie Romero's character Artie Stick, and broadcast in 140 U.S. cities. The special will also be available worldwide on Roku TV later this year. As of this writing, most of the work has been completed.

For the past two years, ARG! has produced all the storyboards, backgrounds and animation for Adventures of Turtle Taido, a cartoon series produced with the support of the Federal Government of Nigeria, and currently airing on Nigerian Television Authority and several other large African TV networks. Nigeria is the seventh most populous country in the world, and NTA is the biggest TV network in Africa. The series won Best Animation at Abuja International Film Festival, and ARG! just finished work on season 2, in distribution to 53 African countries.

Cannes Film Festival's Animation Day, May 18, 2016 included a screening of Turtle Taido. Congratulations to creator Muyiwa Kayode and all the talented artists, actors, musicians and technicians responsible for this breakthrough cartoon series. And thank you, ARG! crew members for all of your hard work and creativity.


Realm 8: The best of Everyman Comics was released by Bob Conway's Phantasy Press in March, 2016. It's a standard-size comic book, 36 pages on book paper with gorgeous Rick Berry covers. Artists and writers include ARG! founder Artie Romero (inside cover, 5 page comic), Darrel Anderson, Bob Conway, Hunt Emerson (9 pages), George Erling, William Kirk Kennedy and Al Sirois. Get your copy now from the ARG! shop.

The ARG! studio created cool animation sequences for the Spongebob SquarepantsSpongebob Squarepants Tickler app for MTV Networks' Nickelodeon, and you can grab it now from the iPhone app store or from Google Play. It was fun to create original animations of Spongebob, who has 54 million fans on Facebook.

We created a GIF collection that includes tens of thousands of ARG! images and animations, so get your copy now. Selecting prime clips from our archive of original GIF cartoons, graphics and animations, Ricky and Tim Romero helped compile the ARG! Kartoon Kollection which includes 57,000 GIFs. Pick one CD or grab all 8 in a handsome vinyl portfolio for only a fraction of a cent per cartoon. These great cartoons and graphics come with a commercial license for your website, videos and emails, and downloads are now on sale too.

For the past ten years, the ARG! crew has enjoyed our 3-story studio building in Colorado Springs, and we're gearing up for production of more movie and TV animation. Our productions are full 4K resolution, and more animators and artists are joining ARG! If you are an animation student or graduate and want to get some studio experience and screen credits, why not apply for an internship? A virtual intership means you won't have to move to Colorado Springs. We've helped more than 160 talented artists get their start in the animation industry.

ARG! clients include HP, Kaiser Permanente, Duracell, Transamerica, PBS, Safeco Insurance and Red Bull. See some of our screen credits and awards.

Here are some recent ARG! website additions and changes:

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Email us
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