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Labor Day animation

"Just chillin' on Labor Day!" - 13K
Labor Day cartoon by Rebekah Failla and Artie Romero

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"Happy Labor Day!" Uncle Harry drinking and smoking, 328x193 - 57K Send eCard
"Happy Labor Day!" Construction worker throws off his toolbelt - 14K Send this cartoon as a Labor Day greeting card!
Carpenter cartoon, "Happy Labor Day!" small - 6K Send eCard
Carpenter cartoon medium size - 3K
Carpenter cartoon small - 3K
Carpenter animation, "Happy Labor Day!" larger - 7K Send eCard
Carpenter animation small, fades to black - 5K
Hammer Chasing a Nail small, white background - 12K
Hammer Chasing a Nail 207x165, white background - 8K
Hammer Chasing a Nail Very small, 124x95, animated background - 14K
Hammer Chasing a Nail Medium size, 207x165, animated background - 15K
Hammer Chasing a Nail Large 320x200, animated background - 18K
Hammer Chasing a Nail Tiny 124x95, animated background, white sky - 14K
Hammer Chasing a Nail Tiny 124x95 with border - 14K
Hammer Chasing a Nail running right, with border - 8K
Hammer Chasing a Nail, "Happy Labor Day!" 207x165 - 19K Send eCard
Lamb Sips a Cool Drink 145x128 - 3K
Lamb Sips a Cool Drink 207x165 - 4K
Lamb Sips a Cool Drink painted background, 207x165 - 14K
"Just chillin' on Labor Day!" 207x165 - 13K Send eCard
Lamb Relaxing facing right - 3K
Lamb Relaxing facing right, longer - 5K
Repairman Embarassed 207x165, with painted background - 19K
"No cracks, please! Just have a happy Labor Day!" 207x165, painted background - 21K Send eCard
"Please, no cracks for Labor Day!" 207x165 - 21K
"Please, no cracks for Labor Day!" casual font, repairman in kitchen - 21K
"Have a SUPER Labor Day!" super character flying - 18K Send eCard
Carpenter Cleavage small still cartoon - 2K
Lamb Relaxes still cartoon - 2K
Funny Appliance Repairman still cartoon with background - 17K
Funny Appliance Repairman in Kitchen still cartoon - 16K
Construction Worker Still image on white - 2K
Construction Worker Still JPEG image with city skyline - 21K
"Happy Labor Day," Construction Worker Cartoon Still JPEG image - 23K
Road Construction Worker With Stop Sign Still image on white - 3K
Road Worker With Stop Sign Still image with background - 10K
Plains, Rolling Hills and Highway Just a background image, 320 x 200 - 24K
"Take the weekend off! Happy Labor Day!" - 14K Send eCard
Construction Worker Throws Tool Belt - 9K
African-American Carpenter Throws Toolbelt - 9K
Dumb and Plumber - 19K
"Happy Labor Day" Female road worker drops stopsign - 31K Send eCard
"Happy Labor Day" Road worker drops stop sign, large - 34K Send eCard
Worker Drops Stop Sign on white - 7K
Worker Holds Stop Sign with painted background - 18K
Female Road Worker Drops Stopsign Large animation on white - 11K
Road Worker Drops Sign Large, prairie background - 38K
"Forget about work, it's Labor Day!" Road Worker Drops Stopsign, prairie background, large - 40K Send eCard
"Imagine 3 days away from co-workers. Happy Labor Day!" Dumb-looking plumber - 23K Send eCard
Goofy Plumber Tosses a Pipe 193x156 - 11K

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