Graduation Cartoons

Graduation cartoon

Happy Graduation Day! - 17K

Animated cartoon GIF by Rebekah Failla & Artie Romero

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Graduation Strut - 7K
Graduate boy struttingGraduation Strut (African-American) - 7K
Graduation Strut (Splat) - 9K
Congraduations! (sic) Funny Flash cartoon 249K
Congratulations, graduate! Graduation card - 10K Send eCard
Best Wishes on your Graduation Card - 18K Send eCard
Do the Graduation Strut! Card - 10K Send eCard
Do the Graduation Strut! African-American - 10K Send eCard
Happy Graduation Day! Card - 17K Send eCard
I heard about your graduation! Graduation card - 23K Send eCard
Dude! You totally graduated! Card - 15K Send eCard
Enjoy your Graduation! Graduation skateboarding e-card - 15K Send eCard
Graduate Tosses His Cap - 20K
Graduate Tosses His Cap (medium size) - 13K
Graduate Tosses His Cap (small) - 8K
Graduate Tosses His Cap (African-American) - 8K
Graduate Tosses His Cap (still picture) - 22K
Graduate Tosses His Cap (still picture) - 36K

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Book worm with mortar
Book Worm
(very small) - 4K
Book Worm - 10K
Book Worm (small) - 5K Graduation Speaker - 9K
Class of 2004 Graphic - 3K
Graduation Speech - 9K
Dog ate my diplomaDog Ate My Diploma (medium size, white bg) - 6K
Dog Ate Diploma (tiny size) - 2K
My Dog Ate My Diploma - 4K
My Dog Ate My Diploma (with background) - 14K
Dog Ate My Diploma (small) - 4K
The Dog Ate My Diploma (large, white bg) - 6K
Skateboarding Graduate (with background) - 18K
Skateboarding Graduate (doesn't lose his hat) - 13K
Skateboarding Graduate (small, no background) - 2K
Graduate's Razz - 9K
Graduate's Razz (medium size) - 7K Graduate boy razzing girl
Graduate's Razz
(small) - 6K
Graduate's Razz (African-American) - 6K
Graduate's Razz (African-American, small) - 6K
Graduation Trap Door - 15K
Graduation Trap Door (small) - 7K
Teacher's Point - 52K
Teacher's Point (faster-loading version) - 29K
Graduate in Cap and Gown wallpaper (Web page background) - 1K
Bookworm and apple wallpaper Web page background) - 2K

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