Graduation Cartoons

Funny graduation cartoon animation

Happy graduation day! - 17K
Animated cartoon by Rebekah Failla & Artie Romero
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Graduation strut - 7K
Graduate boy struttingGraduation strut, African-American - 7K
Graduation strut (splat) - 9K
Congraduations! (sic) funny Flash cartoon 249K
Congratulations, graduate! ecard - 10K Send eCard
Best wishes on your graduation ecard - 18K Send eCard
Do the graduation strut! card - 10K Send eCard
Do the graduation strut! African-American - 10K Send eCard
Happy graduation day! card - 17K Send eCard
I heard about your graduation! ecard - 23K Send eCard
Dude! You totally graduated! - 15K Send eCard
Enjoy your graduation! skateboard - 15K Send eCard
Graduate tosses his cap - 20K
Graduate tosses his cap (medium size) - 13K
Graduate tosses his cap (small) - 8K
Graduate tosses his cap (African-American) - 8K
Graduate tosses his cap (still picture) - 22K
Graduate tosses his cap (still picture) - 36K

Bookworm with mortar
Book worm
very small - 4K
Book worm - 10K
Book worm small - 5K
Graduation speaker - 9K
Class of 2004 graphic - 3K
Graduation speech - 9K
Dog ate my diplomaDog ate my diploma medium size, white background - 6K
Dog ate diploma tiny - 2K
My dog ate my diploma - 4K
My dog ate my diploma with background - 14K
Dog ate my diploma small - 4K
The dog ate my diploma large, white background - 6K
Skateboarding graduate with background - 18K
Skateboarding graduate doesn't lose hat - 13K
Skateboarding graduate small - 2K
Graduate's razz - 9K
Graduate's razz medium size - 7K Graduate boy razzing girl
Graduate's razz
small - 6K
Graduate's razz African-American - 6K
Graduate's razz African-American, small - 6K
Graduation trap door - 15K
Graduation trap door small - 7K
Teacher's point - 52K
Teacher's point faster-loading - 29K
Graduate in cap and gown wallpaper, Web page background - 1K
Bookworm and apple wallpaper Web page background - 2K


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