ARG! Dancing Cartoon Alphabet

NEW tiny color-cycling letters!
Tiny color cycling letters!

ARG! Cartoon Animation created this dancing cartoon alphabet for free use on Web pages when you add a link to Some of the medium-size red letters are linked below. And here are some red numbers and punctuation. To get the complete collection in 12 color combinations, 3 larger sizes and one smaller size, or for commercial use, purchase the ARG! Kartoon Kollection CD ROM or a download. Enjoy!
   A (transparent) 20K
A (gray background) 20K
B (transparent) 20K
B (gray background) 18K
C (transparent) 19K
C (gray background) 18K
D (transparent) 20K
D (gray background) 18K
E (transparent) 18K
E (gray background) 19K
F (transparent) 18K
F (gray background) 18K
G (transparent) 22K
G (gray background) 22K
H (transparent) 22K
H (gray background) 22K
I (transparent) 19K
I (gray background) 20K
J (transparent) 19K
J (gray background) 19K
K (transparent) 20K
K (gray background) 20K
L (transparent) 17K
L (gray background) 18K
M (transparent) 22K
M (gray background) 23K
   N (transparent) 20K
N (gray background) 21K
O (transparent) 22K
O (gray background) 23K
P (transparent) 20K
P (gray background) 21K
Q (transparent) 7K
Q (gray background) 7K
R (transparent) 23K
R (gray background) 23K
S (transparent) 20K
S (gray background) 20K
T (transparent) 19K
T (gray background) 19K
U (transparent) 20K
U (gray background) 20K
V (transparent) 20K
V (gray background) 21K
W (transparent) 22K
W (gray background) 22K
X (transparent) 18K
X (gray background) 19K
Y (transparent) 17K
Y (gray background) 18K
Z (transparent) 23K
Z (gray background) 20K

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