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ARG! Cartoon Animation Studio is launching another contest with a $1,000.00 Grand Prize, a shopping spree at an online mall! The winner of the $1,000.00 Shopping Spree Contest Number Two will be one of our YouTube friends drawn at random from all who qualify. To qualify for the prize drawing, place one of the following videos on your YouTube channel as a "Featured Video."

Back to School... or FREEDOM?

The untimely demise of Jericho the clown

ARG! CARTOON DEMO REEL, high quality

2D animated cartoon demo

Knocking Germs Out, director's cut

Krazy Kuzins are Knocking Germs Out on Aniboom!

Kidnapping Peter Cartoon, Final 1080p (no credits)

Awesome home theater and -- Hey! It blew up!

The luck of the Irish by William Kirk Kennedy

ARG! Santa Overture Opus 9

Obama vs. McCain and Palin Debate Cartoon (reprise)

Old Mudda Hubbard

Poor, tired and disgusted Santa wants STEAK

Just feature one on these videos on your channel starting no later than midnight, March 1, 2011, and ending no earlier than March 31, 2011. Send a YouTube message to argstudio to confirm you did this, and we'll enter you in the prize drawing. The winner will be drawn at random, and will win $1000 shopping spree at the shopping mall, ITEX Corporation, which has over 20,000 merchants.


  1. Copy the video address (starting with http://) of the video you want to feature.
  2. Login to your YouTube account and go to your channel's homepage.
  3. Click on the button at the top of the page "Videos and Playlists."
  4. "Featured layout" should be set as "Player View."
  5. For "Featured Video" go to the bottom of the list and select "Other."
  6. A new box will appear. Paste the video address you copied earlier into this box.
  7. Important! Check the box next to "Autoplay featured video."
  8. Click the blue "Save Changes" button.
The Grand Prize is $1,000.00 store credit at ITEX Marketplace! The argstudio channel on Youtube and ITEX Corporation will provide the winner with $1,000.00 worth of merchandise and/or services, excluding shipping and sales tax, from the ITEX Marketplace. The drawing to select a winner will be held on or about Friday, April 8, 2011, and the winner will be notified by YouTube message. You must be 18 or older to enter.

You can switch to a different one from the list above at any time, and you don't have to notify us about the change.

Thanks again for supporting our cartoon studio's YouTube channel!


  1. The winner will be chosen at random from all qualified entries received.
  2. Entrants must send entries via YouTube message as a reply to the contest announcement, and must conform to specific entry information requested in the contest announcement.
  3. ARG! and ITEX Corporation are not responsible for and will not consider incomplete or incorrect entries, or messages sent but not received by ARG! for any reason, as potential contest winners. Entrants must feature one or more of the specified videos on their channel starting no later than midnight, March 1, 2011, and ending no earlier than March 31, 2011, in order to qualify.
  4. The winner of the contest will be contacted at the YouTube address used to enter the contest, and the person receiving and replying to the winner announcement email will be considered the winner unless they specify another person within the reply email as the winner.
  5. ARG! and ITEX Corporation will email the contest prize to the address supplied by the recipient of the winner announcement email.
  6. Only one entry per YouTube channel will be considered for contest entry. However, those who have more than one YouTube channel may qualify multiple entries by repeating the entry process detailed in the contest announcement for each of their channels.
  7. Claiming the prize requires a YouTube message response to ARG! (argstudio) from the winning sender's YouTube address within 15 days of being notified of winning at the YouTube address used to enter. Failure to respond means that the winner forfeits the prize. In the event that the prize is unclaimed after 15 days, ARG! and ITEX Corporation will perform another random drawing to award the prize forfeited by the chosen winner to another entrant.
  8. The $1,000.00 prize does not include shipping and sales tax. The winner will be responsible for these costs, if applicable.
  9. You must be a resident of the U.S., age 18 or older to enter. No purchase is necessary. This offer is void where prohibited by law.

Congratulations to youblankyouLOSE ...the Grand Prize winner in our first $1,000.00 Shopping Spree Contest, which was held in March, 2010!

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