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Click here to download the flick animation playerHere's how animations had to be viewed in the early days of the website, in 1996. The player for these zipped .SEC files is flick.exe. You could save the animations and play them offline. A help file explained how to do all this. Older clips were also available from the Archive. All of these are also available as animated GIFs now, so this page is left up only for historical reasons.
Get SLIME animation Get TIME-HOG animation Get CAR animation 11K 46K 12K
Get OOOPS! animation Get SPACE PIG animation Get KING SPRINGS animation 30K 42K 33K
Get LI'L CANNON animation Get DANCIN' TEACHER animation Get DURACELL HOP animation 20K 48K 13K
Get WHOA animation Get ZUT animation 13K 9K

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