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Fat Freddy of Underground Collectibles acquired the remaining Cascade inventory and is now offering it at his website!These little magazines, published from 1978 until 1981, each have a color cover by a well-known underground cartoonist, an interview with a top cartoonist or publisher, original art, comix, various articles, reviews and underground/small press news. The exceptions are issues 15 and 23, which are all comix and art. There is so much material of historical interest, especially in the interviews, that we plan to produce a CD ROM collection of Cascade with raw audio recordings and more. Some of the people interviewed in Cascade have died. Others of have gone on to fame, such as Art Spiegelman, who contributed art, including a wraparound cover, was interviewed in 2 issues of Cascade, and went on to win a Pulitzer Prize for Maus. We kept all of the interview audio tapes, the highlights of which we have digitized and will include on the CD ROM. We also have unpublished photos and art from that period to round out the package. Watch this space for updates.

We have a rundown on all the Cascade issues on the pages that follow...

-- Artie Romero
Editor and Publisher

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NEWS FLASH! Fat Freddy of Underground Collectibles recently acquired the remaining Cascade Comix Monthly stock and is now offering it for sale on his website.

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