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Screen Credits, Awards & Honors

Sprockets and SplicesSprockets & Splices

  • Half-hour network TV special written & animated entirely by ARG!
  • Hosted by The Splice Girls & Artie Stick
  • Will be aired in 157 U.S. cities and on Roku TV
  • Producer: Joel Stephens; Director: Artie Romero

Hittin' the Road (TV series)

  • Syndicated TV show starring Donna Vessey, airing on PBS stations
  • 3D (Maya) CG sequences of geological processes
  • Animation credit: Travis McCoy

Adventures of Turtle Taido
Copyright 2016 Tayekeni Productions LimitedAdventures of Turtle Taido (TV series)

  • Nigeria's first cartoon TV series
  • Broadcast on Africa's largest TV network, Nigerian Television Authority (NTA)
  • ARG! animated all episodes in 4K resolution
  • Screen credits on IMDb
  • Seasons 1 and 2 animated by ARG!

How Cartoons Are Made

  • An advanced whiteboard and Flash animation demo produced by ARG!
  • Additional credits: Matthew Rebel, Scott Jessop, Ron Hayden, Chris Hardy

Edward Lear's Nonsense Stories (YouTube series)

  • 18 weekly cartoon webisodes produced by ARG! for YouTube, Blip.TV, Facebook
  • Featuring celebrity voice impressions by Ron Hayden
  • Whiteboard and Flash animation
  • Additional animation credits: Woodrow Martin, Matthew Rebel, Jieting Chen, Andrew Woolnough, Anne Hecker

SpongeBob SquarePants 
Copyright 2009 MTV NetworksSpongeBob SquarePants Tickler v2.0

  • iPhone app by Mobui, including 4 minigames
  • A top ranking app in the iPhone App Store
  • Additional animation credits: Jeff Gingrich, Tim Romero, Corrina Gingrich, Don Mangan

Tales from Taffytown (YouTube series)

  • Weekly cartoon webisode series for YouTube, plus monthly music videos
  • Most-watched program on Numa Network
  • Additional credits: Don Mangan, Gaylen Morse, Jeff Gingrich, Tim Romero, Corrina Gingrich, Bruce Hopkins

E.E.C.S. The Rat

  • Kaiser Permanente customer service training videos
  • Designed and animated an original villain character
  • Additional credits: Don Mangan, Michael Spencer

Heartland Emmy AwardsEmmy™ Awards

  • One-minute animated cartoon, "Goldzinger"
  • Screened to introduce the News category during the Heartland Emmy™ Awards ceremony
  • Additional credits: Don Mangan, Michael Spencer

TV Planet

  • ARG! produced all animated cartoon segments
  • PBS TV program, Michael Spencer, producer, Rocky Mountain PBS
  • Distributed by Rocky Mountain PBS as part of the Critical Viewing Skills project, funded by The Colorado Trust
  • Additional credits: Jee Hoon Lee, Molly McGill


  • 30-second animated PSA (public service announcement) for Stay Healthy Oppose Using Tobacco (S.H.O.U.T.) Program
  • Additional credits: Jee Hoon Lee, Tara DeLong, Setsuko Hakuno, Don Mangan, Janette Romero

Johnny Mnemonic

  • Animator, "Digital Dream Sequence"
  • $25 million Tri-Star motion picture starring Keanu Reeves, Dina Meyer, Takeshi Kitano, Dolph Lundgren, Henry Rollins
  • Released in theaters, grossed $52 million worldwide

Duracell animationDuracell® National Sales Meeting

  • Cartoon animation for multimedia laserdisc screened at Duracell's 1994 national sales meeting
  • Additional credit: Don Mangan

NOTE: The studio's name was changed from Everyman Studios (established in 1973) to ARG! Cartoon Animation in 1994.

CardTronics™ Touchscreen

  • Graphics and animation for CardTronics™ touchscreen
  • Patented point of sale interface
  • Additional credits: John Dorrough, Steve Renfrow

Almost Live (TV series)

  • Syndicated TV series starring Jeff Valdez
  • Animated cartoon intro and bumpers
  • Additional credit: Sarah Jane Romero

Video Game All-Stars (TV series)

  • Producer/Director: Artie Romero
  • Bumper animation
  • Syndicated TV series hosted by Jeff Valdez

Hush Little Baby Don't You Cry

  • Main title animation and credits
  • TV movie directed by Don Hawks


  • Main title animation and credits
  • Full length TV movie starring Thomas Babson, Kathy Christopher, Vern Porter


  • Main title animation, credits and poster art
  • TV movie directed by Don Hawks
  • Starring Sandra Dee, Jack Elam
  • Additional credits: Wilma Romero, W. Kirk Kennedy

Fake Estate

  • 2-minute 8mm film
  • Animated by Artie Romero at Everyman Studios
  • Rejected by Saturday Night Live :D

King's ElevatorKing's Elevator

  • Music video, Technical Director: Artie Romero
  • Premiered at 39th World Science Fiction Convention
  • Broadcast in 22 U.S. cities on "America Rocks," 1982
  • Additional credits: Dan Santistevan, W. Kirk Kennedy, Jan Johnson, Bob Conway, Linn Trochim

Burpo, el Monster de Outre Spaced

  • 1-minute 16mm film
  • Animated by Artie Romero at Missouri State University

Awards and Honors

Cannes Film Festival

Screened at Cannes Film Festival on Animation Day
"Adventures of Turtle Taido"
by Muyiwa Kayode, Artie Romero
Turtle Taido

Abuja International Film Festival
Best Animation
"Adventures of Turtle Taido"
by Muyiwa Kayode, Artie Romero
Turtle Taido

Professional Film & Video Guild
2000 Production Competition
Best Animation
by W. Kirk Kennedy, Artie Romero

Professional Film & Video Guild
1999 Production Competition
Best Animation
"TV Planet"
by Jee H. Lee and Artie Romero
Michael Spencer, Producer, Rocky Mountain PBS

Professional Film & Video Guild
1998 Production Competition
Best TV Commercial
"Monty Remembers"
by Tara DeLong, Jee H. Lee and Artie Romero
for Mountasia Family Fun Center
Monte Remembers
Animated Gif Contest
Second Place
"Wolf Walk"
by Artie Romero and Jackie Wright

Animated GIF Artists Guild
17th Competition
Award of Excellence
"Sneaky Dude"
by Artie Romero and Eric Stevens

Web GraFX-FX
1997 GRAND Competition
Second Prize, Commercial Category
"Padded Cell"

by Don Mangan and Artie Romero
for Creative Madness LLC

Professional Film & Video Guild
1996 Production Competition
Best Cel Animation
"VGE1 Debut"
by Don Mangan, Artie Romero, and Todd Giammo
for Video Game Exchange
VGE1 Debut

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