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Bouncing Book with a Pencil16K
Animation by Rebekah Failla and Artie Romero

Animated cartoon pencil

Mad Computer with background - 8K
Mad Computer, Black background, 207x165 - 3K
Angry Computer, Black background - 4K
Angry Computer - 3K
Angry Computer, White background, 207x165 - 3K
Angry Computer, White background - 4K

Back To School, 207x165 - 39K
Back To School, 247x181 - 28K

Book Beater - 30K
Book Beater, painted background (Caution, large file!) - 158K

Braindead - 11K

Pencil Writes "1 Plus 1,", 92x104 - 4K
Pencil, 61x103 - 1K
Pencil Writes To Right, 97x100 - 3K

School Bus Stop 204x175 - 10K
School Bus Stop with background, 204x175 - 24K
School Bus with background, 207x165 - 21K
School Bus Stop 102x159 - 2K
School Bus Stop 247x181 - 10K
Bus Stop with background, 102x159 - 6K
School Bus Stop Blue background, 204x175 - 10K
School Kid with background, 59x97 - 3K
School Bus Stop Still cartoon with background - 6K
School Bus Stop Still JPEG - 15K
School Bus Stop Still GIF - 1K

Schoolgirl at Desk 207x165 - 3K
Schoolgirl at her Desk, African-American, 207x165 - 4K
Schoolgirl at Desk with background 207x165 - 11K
School girl eating appleSchoolgirl at Desk with background - 7K
Schoolgirl at Desk 207x165 - 4K
Schoolgirl at her Desk - 3K
School Girl Eating Teacher's Apple - 2K

Book Worm - 10K Send Ecard
Book Worm (small) - 5K
Book Worm (very small) - 4K
Bookworm and apple wallpaper
    (Web page background) - 2K

Teacher's Point - 52K Send Ecard
Teacher's Point (faster-loading version) - 29K

Graduate in Cap and Gown wallpaper
    (Web page background) - 1K

Dancing words "Good Job!" 207x165 - 38K
"Good Job!" blue on black - 30K

Dancing words "Great Student!" green on black - 47K
"Great Student!" white on black - 26K

Dancing words "School Spirit" 207x165 - 40K

Animated word SUPER
Dancing word "Super!"
green on white - 28K
"Super!", red on white - 28K

Dancing letters "P. T. A." red on white - 18K
    P.T.A. blue on white - 20K
    PTA gold on black - 17K
    PTA gold on white - 14K
    PTA green on black - 14K
    PTA green on white - 18K
    PTA large, red on black - 40K
    PTA large, yellow on black - 40K
    PTA medium, yellow on black - 31K
Dancing "Back to School" - 29K
"Back to School" green on black, small - 46K
"Back to School" green on black - 48K

Animated words BACK TO SCHOOL
"Back to School"
red on white - 58K

Bouncing School Book with pencil - 5K
Book with Notepad - 2K
Cartoon Book With a Pencil - 7K
Book Bouncing More, face and pencil - 16K
Book with Pencil and Notepad Unimpressed - 3K

Suspicious Teacher Cartoon - 3K
Suspicious Teacher African-American - 3K
Smiling, Squinting Teacher - 2K
Smiling, Squinting Teacher African-American - 2K
Puzzled Teacher - 3K
Puzzled Teacher African-American - 3K

Scary Teacher Cartoon - 5K
Scary African American Teacher - 4K
Scary Teacher Cartoon, with short hair - 4K
Scary Teacher Cartoon - 5K

Dancing Grade A- (A minus) - 9K
Dancing Grade A+ (A plus) - 10K
Dancing Grade B- (B minus) - 8K
Dancing Grade B+ (B plus) - 10K
Dancing Grade C- (C minus) - 9K
Dancing Grade C+ (C plus) - 10K
Dancing Grade D- (D minus) - 8K
Dancing Grade D+ (D plus) - 9K
Dancing Grade F- (F minus) - 8K
Dancing Grade F+ (F plus) - 9K

Girl reading a book - 17K

Complete Alphabet Animation red on black, small, 85x84 - 10K
Complete Alphabet Animation red on black, 169x167 - 14K Alphabet animation
The Complete Alphabet
black on white, 85x84 - 10K
Complete Alphabet white on black, small - 10K
Animated A to Z white on black - 14K
Alphabet Sequence red on blue - 14K
Alphabet, Yellow on blue, 169x167 - 14K

Book with Flipping Pages 207x165 - 13K
Cropped version - 13K
Medium size - 10K
Small - 5K

Brain Escapes from Head - 21K Send Ecard
Large size - 22K
Square format version - 22K
Medium size - 16K
Tiny version - 15K

School Bus Cartoon big, transparent - 23K Send Ecard
Big, white background - 22K
Tiny - 9K
Transparent background - 22K
School bus GIFSchool Bus Still cartoon - 5K

Funny School Bus Cartoon - 11K
School Bus, animated background, 207x165 - 21K
School Bus Animation, cropped - 18K
School Bus still cartoon - 8K

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