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Dog trying to bring a stick home

Dog Trying to Bring a Stick Home10K
by Artie Romero and Rebekah Failla of ARG!

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Dog Greeting Cards!
Dog Eat Dog, 116x107 - 4K
         - Dog Eat Dog, 207x165 Blackout - 5K
Doghouse For Sale - 3K
Dog Case - 2K
Bulldog and Chihuahua (Still GIF Cartoon) - 9K
         - Bulldog and Chihuahua (Still JPEG Cartoon) - 21K
         - Bulldog and Chihuahua Dark (Still GIF Cartoon) - 4K
         - Bulldog and Chihuahua Dark (Still JPEG Cartoon) - 13K
         - Bulldog with Tail Wagging - 1K
         - Bulldog Wagging Tail (with Background) - 4K
         - Bulldog (Still GIF Cartoon) - 4K
         - Chihuahua (Still GIF Cartoon) - 4K
         - Chihuahua (Still JPEG Cartoon) - 14K
         - Chihuahua Does a Take - 1K
         - Chihuahua Take (Flipped Horizontally) - 1K
Puppy Loves Licking a Bone with hearts, 120x128 - 6K
         - Smaller, with hearts, 111x88 - 4K
         - Smaller, no hearts, 114x76 - 2K
         - Tiny version, 96x64 - 2K
Dog Playing With Bone, 101x80 - 8K
         - Smaller Hound Dog and Bone, 94x76 - 3K
         - Dog Playing With Bone, smaller, 96x64 - 3K
         - Loves it, with hearts 120x128 - 7K
Dog Riding a Skateboard, 120x128- 8K
         - Smaller dog on skateboard, 101x86 - 6K
         - Tiny, 96x70 - 7K
Running Dog Flash cartoon with scrolling background - 81K
Dog Snowboarding Small with scrolling background, 101x86 - 20K
Shy Cartoon Dog with a Flower 116x124 - 4K  Send Ecard
         - Smaller, 66x84 - 5K Send Ecard
         - Puppy Love Cartoon with Title, large, 176x208 - 6K Send Ecard
         - Smaller with Title, 170x153 - 6K Send Ecard
Dog Taking a Stick Home 207x165 - 15K
         - Simple background 207x165 - 12K
         - Smaller file size 207x165 - 8K
         - Very small 128x128 - 10K
         - Tiny, 101x80 - 6K

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Two Dachshunds, front view, 135x90 - 2K
         - Smaller version, 101x80 - 3K
         - Tiny version, 96x64 - 2K
         - Happy Dachshund, 101x80 - 2K
         - Smaller, 96x64 - 2K
         - Dachshund, white background, 101x80 - 2K
         - White background, flipped, 101x80 - 2K
         - White bg, tiny, 96x64 - 2K
         - Dachshund front view, - 1K
         - Front view, 49x74 - 2K
         - Front view, 50x59 - 2K
Dancing "I Love My Dog" 207x165 - 30K
         - Gold on black background, 277x169 - 39K
         - Smaller, blue on white, 120x88 - 14K
         - Tiny gold on black, 101x83 - 12K
Dancing "I Love My Pit Bull" - 39K
         - Smaller version, blue on white 119x89 - 13K
         - Tiny, 101x86 - 15K
Dancing "I Love My Poodle" - 21K
         - Small version 119x106 - 13K
         - Smaller, 101x86 - 12K
         - Blue letters, 101x86 - 12K
         - Grayscale version, 119x106 - 11K
Poodle Struts 120x128 - 5K
         - Poodle Strutting, medium size, 118x98 - 5K
         - Smaller, 101x84 - 7K
         - Tiny, 96x69 - 8K
Collie Wagging its Tail - 5K
         - On Blue background, 101x80 - 6K
         - White background, 96x69 - 5K
         - Just panting, no tail wagging, 96x69 - 4K
         - Mellon Collie Baby, visual pun - 5K
         - With title, "Mellon Collie Baby!" 289x179 - 17K  Send Ecard
Dumb Drooling Dog, 240x199 - 16K  Send Ecard
         - Medium size version, 169x139 - 10K
         - Small version, 121x99 - 6K
         - Tiny, 101x86 - 11K
         - Large black & white, 227x193 - 15K
         - Medium size black & white, 170x138 - 9K
         - Small black & white, 120x100 - 6K
The Dog Ate My Diploma 207x165 - 14K  Send Ecard
         - With white background 207x165 - 6K  Send Ecard
Running Dog, 98x51 - 4K
         - Brown dog, 96x64 - 4K
         - Larger brown dog, 120x80 - 10K
         - Greyscale version, 98x51 - 4K
         - Blue background, 98x51 - 4K
Weenie Dog with Mustard 207x165 - 17K
         - Tiny version 126x98 - 17K
         - Weeney Dog, no mustard 152x86 - 2K
         - Medium size with mustard 210x140 - 17K
         - Small, 101x86 - 14K
         - Tiny, 96x70 - 12K
         - Hot Dog in Bun, wagging tail, 88x58 - 2K
Dog Does a Take - 8K
         - Flipped version - 8K
         - Smaller, 101x80 - 11K
         - Tiny, 96x64 - 9K
Saggy Dog Sits Down, Gets Up, 188x154 - 17K  Send Ecard
         - Sits down, 188x154 - 9K
         - Blue background, 188x154 - 9K
         - Large size, 320x200 - 2K
         - Brown dog sits down, gets up, 207x165 - 15K  Send Ecard
         - White saggy Dog, 96x70 - 12K
         - Saggy Dog, 101x86 - 12K
         - Standing, panting, 101x86 - 2K
         - Smaller, 96x70 - 2K
         - Sitting, panting, 101x86 - 2K
         - Blue dog sits, 148x91 - 10K
         - White dog sits, 148x91 - 9K
Cartoon Wolf or Dog Walking Fast 175x131 - 28K
         - Flipped, walking to left 157x118 - 26K
         - Several wolf versions very big, 349x262 - 44K  Send Ecard
Husky picture, 181x201 - 3K
Funky Doodle Running, From TV Planet, PBS, 181x201 - 84K
         - Quicktime version - 581K
Surprised Dog Cartoon - "Whoa!" 213x179 - 13K
         - Smaller version, 101x80 - 9K
         - Tiny, 96x64 - 8K
         - Still cartoon, 120x103 - 4K

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