ARG! Car Animations

Hot Rod Burnin' Rubber 
animation by Artie Romero 
and Don Mangan

Hot Rod Burnin' Rubber - 11K
by Artie Romero and Don Mangan

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NASCAR cartoon"Nascar" Race Car, Letters  N A S C A R  form a car shape - 28K
         - Large "Nascar" Racecar, 250x250 on white background - 30K
Racecar burning rubber cartoonRace Car Burns Rubber, 210x136 - 21K
         - Large Stock Car Burning Rubber - 34K
Checkered flag animationLarge Checkered Flag Cartoon - 18K
         - Small Checkered Flag Animation, 98x140 on white background - 9K
Burn 'em!Hot Rod Burning Rubber (large) - 12K  Send this cartoon as a greeting card!
         - Smallest size - 7K
         - Medium size - 11K
         - Still cartoon - 7K
Stock car doing donutsHot Rod Doing Donuts (large) - 13K  Send this cartoon as a greeting card!
         - Small size - 10K
         - Medium size - 16K
         - Still cartoon - 10K
Hot rod monster cartoonMonster Hot Rod (small size) - 20K  Send this cartoon as a greeting card!
         - Medium size monster hot rod - 22K
         - Really big monster hot rod - 36K
         - Still cartoon - 15K
Low rider cartoonHopping Lowrider Cartoon - 8K  Send this cartoon as a greeting card!
         - Tiny version - 6K
         - Medium size - 11K
         - Facing left - 6K
         - Large Lowrider - 20K
         - Still cartoon - 13K
Hot rod funny carHot Rod Funny Car - 11K  Send this cartoon as a greeting card!
         - Tiny size - 5K
         - Medium size - 9K
         - Large square version - 16K
         - Transparent background - 16K
         - Still cartoon - 6K
Mirror-finish sports carMirror Finish Sports Car - 73K
         - No URL "" - 73K
         - Still image - 39K
Motor headMotorhead (tiny version) - 9K  Send this cartoon as a greeting card!
         - Medium size - 16K
         - Large, transparent - 31K
         - Big version - 24K
         - Still image - 11K
57 Chevy wagon hot rod cartoonNomad Hot Rod (big with black bg) - 21K
         - Really wide version - 28K
         - Smallest - 8K
         - Medium size, facing left - 13K
         - Medium size, transparent - 13K
         - Big, facing left - 21K
         - Extra-large still car picture, 850x280 - 36K
         - Medium size still picture, 510x168 - 17K
         - Small still car picture, 296x111 - 7K
RoadsterRoadster Hot Rod - 14K  Send this cartoon as a greeting card!
         - Transparent, cropped - 15K
         - Transparent - 15K
         - Medium size - 10K
         - Tiny - 6K
         - Big, white background - 15K
         - Very large still car picture, 500x240 - 30K
         - Medium size still picture, 400x192 - 25K
         - Small still cartoon, 250x130 - 11K
School bus cartoonSchool Bus Cartoon (big, transparent) - 23K  Send this cartoon as a greeting card!
         - Big, white background - 22K
         - Tiny - 9K
         - Transparent background - 22K
         - Still cartoon - 5K
Race Car CartoonCartoon Race Car on Dirt Track - 17K
         - Gray background - 13K
         - Small size - 8K
         - Medium size - 12K
         - Still cartoon - 4K
Old car toon1920s Style Jalopy - 14K  Send this cartoon as a greeting card!
         - Full size, transparent bg - 21K
         - Cropped, orange bg - 7K
         - Cropped, transparent bg - 10K
         - Flick version, plays in DOS (Small program download required)
         - Still cartoon version - 1K
         - Larger, 130x129 - 4K
Maniac in a jalopy1930s Truck with Maniac Driving - 21K  Send this cartoon as a greeting card!
         - Big version - 35K
         - Small Left to Right transparent - 20K
         - Small Right to Left transparent - 20K
         - Still cartoon - 4K
1950s car animationSedan circa 1950 - 48K  Send this cartoon as a greeting card!
         - Rear view - Illustration, 185x128 - 8K
         - Smaller version - 3K
         - Large illustration, 329x196 - 19K
         - Very large, 548x327 - 52K
         - Classic Car Picture, 185x128 - 8K
New VW Beetle cartoon animationVolkswagen New Beetle (very cartoony) - 31K  Send this cartoon as a greeting card!
         - Small version, blue and red - 13K
         - Small, magenta and yellow - 13K
         - Small, magenta and green - 13K
         - Small, red and blue - 13K
Car crash cartoonCar Wreck Cartoon with injury - 14K
         - No URL "" - 14K
         - Car Wreck Cartoon, 294x174 - 31K
         - Car Wreck Cartoon, 184x109 - 17K
         - Car Wreck - Still Cartoon, 442x262 - 23K
         - Extra large, 736x436 - 18K
Family in a Big ConvertibleFamily in a Big Convertible 438x270 - 54K  Send this cartoon as a greeting card!
         - Medium size version 307x189 - 25K
         - Small version 175x108 - 10K
         - "Have Fun on Your Vacation" anim 438x369 - 70K
Clown Car (Still Cartoon), 191x175 - 15K
         - Larger version, 313x297 - 30K
         - Flipped version, 325x310 - 37K
Go Kart Cartoon, 396x293 - 8K
The word "Car" becomes "Toons" (morph) - 5K
         - Red, then blue version no URL - 6K
         - Blue, then red version no URL - 6K
         - Green, magenta version no URL - 6K
Earlz Garage
         Auto Cartoons by David M. Rosenblatt
Bandit and RyanBandit and Ryan
         More Auto Cartoons by David Rosenblatt!

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Car Wallpaper (Web Page Backgrounds)
Go Kart (GIF) - 5K
Hot Rod Burning Rubber (GIF) - 4K
Burning Rubber Darker version (GIF) - 4K
Stock Car Doing Donuts (GIF) - 5K
Doing Donuts Lighter version (GIF) - 5K
Flaming Motorhead Skull (GIF) - 4K

Above: An award winning animated TV commercial from 2000 by ARG! Cartoon Animation Studio, William Kirk Kennedy (1953-2010), director, and Artie Romero, producer.

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